Selling Your Home? Put a Pre-Listing Home Inspection On Your List

If you are considering putting your home on the market, a pre-listing inspection gives you an advantage over other sellers. If you’re wondering why you should have your home inspected before the buyer brings in their own home inspector, read on to learn the valuable benefits of pre-listing home inspections for sellers.

Benefits of Pre-Listing Home Inspections That Will Help Sell Your Home

Hiring a professional home inspector to perform a full home inspection before you list your home for sale will benefit you as a seller because you’ll know what to expect during the buyer’s inspection. Nobody wants to be caught off guard. If there is an underlying issue that could halt the progress of the transaction, for instance, if the buyer demands a fix or walks away, you’ll have the opportunity to make any repairs before even showing your home. If you’re made aware of a problem during your pre-listing inspection and decide not to fix it, disclosing it first to the buyer often prevents hassles during negotiations. A home inspection report delivered to potential buyers upfront is also a great way to market your property and show you have nothing to hide.

Knowledge is Power

Knowing what can be found in your home during a professional inspection gives you power when selling your home. During a buyer’s inspection, the seller does not accompany the inspector, so one of the benefits of pre-listing home inspections is that you can be present at the inspection and talk one on one with the inspector about any issues found. This way you can decide the issue is worth fixing, disclosing, or if it isn’t a significant enough issue that could foil a deal, let it be.

The Best Time for a Pre-Listing Inspection

The benefits of pre-listing inspections apply to those sellers who schedule the inspection before they ever put the home up for sale. It should be one of the first things you do when deciding to sell your home so you can make any needed repairs and make the most profit on your home.

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