Every year as temperatures drop, heating bills rise. Fortunately, you can take some practical steps towards heating your home efficiently and saving money on your utility bill.

Keep Warm Air In and Cold Air Out

Start heating your home efficiently by keeping warm air in and cold air out. Seal cracks near windows and doors with caulk. Add weatherstripping to the moving parts of doors and windows. Block cold air that enters under exterior doors with a door sweep. The Department of Energy estimates that homeowners could realize up to 30% in energy savings by sealing drafts.

Increasing your insulation is another way to keep warmed air inside the house. Attics, exterior walls, basements, or crawl spaces are areas that can usually benefit from additional insulation.

Unblock Radiators and Vents

Radiators and vents aren’t heating your home efficiently if they’re blocked by furniture or drapes. One blocked vent in a forced air system can affect the heat flow in the rest of the house.

Heating Your Home Efficiently with Free Heat From the Sun

During daylight hours, keep the window coverings open on the south side of your house to get free heat from the sun. You should close any thermal drapes you have at dark to insulate the windows.

Lower Your Thermostat

Your home doesn’t need to maintain such a toasty temperature when you’re asleep under warm covers or away from home. Lower your thermostat by 10% to 15% just before bedtime and leaving home. Setting this schedule on a programmable thermostat will automate this for you.

Take Care of Your Furnace

Consider having a licensed professional perform an annual tune-up of your heating system. Also, you should inspect your furnace filter monthly. Replace the filter when it becomes dirty.

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